Chinesse Hot Fashion Concept


thanks for great concept, great spot and everything was perfect



Ginger Lounge, a place where you can enjoy coffee or tea


special thanks to :

Dafam Fortuna Malioboro Yogyakarta

Devia as talent













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EOS – late but not too late

The following were collections of some photos of models or fashion lately I took from several models. She was my friend, she was a photo model, she was a woman which has special interest of photography



taken at south region of jogjakarta, find by yourself.

thanks for all team, my beloved friend.

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Listening to Mine by Petra

Listening to Mine by Petra

Preview it on Path

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Fuad-Rena Wedding Day

Fuad – Rena Wedding day in Javanesse customary. It was taken at Multi Purpose Building UIN Sunan Kalijaga.





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Padang’s Wedding Customary


These was  a marriage with Padang customary. Customary was very accentuating the color of gold or silver in the tracery. Bride came into their seat with greeted by choreographs plate with a series of customary. After a bride seated, showing by direct choreographs dance piring at both of their hand. It was called ” Tari Piring”.





Balai Sudirman, Jakarta Sept 7th 2013

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